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Corporate Social Responsibility

At llora, our dedication lies in the creation of timeless and functional products that endure the test of time, and are heritable across generations. We recognise the significance of corporate social responsibility as a driving force enabling us to sustain and channel our creativity into crafting beautiful products.

Upholding a responsible approach forms the foundation of all our brands, allowing us to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of our planet.

Tree Planting Project

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness, llora together with SCDA Architects participated in the OneMilliionTrees movment by organizing Tree Planting Day.

Olive Ridley Turtles Rescue

Soori Bali, our partner brand, has undertaken a special initiative in conjunction with the local conservation group to safely collect endangered turtle eggs (Olive Ridley species) from the southwestern coastline and our beaches in Bali.

Once hatched and carefully reared, the turtle hatchlings are released on opportune tides leaving out from Kelating beach in front of Soori Bali, in an unforgettable experience.

Sustainable Tourism

Soori Bali is certified to have met the rigorous requirements of the EC3 Global EarthCheck Standard for Building, Planning and Design. EarthCheck is the world’s largest certification programme for sustainable travel and tourism businesses, and with over a decade of industry-specific benchmarking data and quantifiable scientific methods under its belt.

Green Initiatives

Soori Bali is designed with a focus on sustainability. The structures are strategically planned to allow natural light into the buildings while minimizing heat. Indigenous volcanic rock and greenery cool the villas naturally, and open courtyards enhance ventilation and lighting, reducing the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting. The resort uses efficient lighting systems with low-mercury fittings and photo sensors to minimize energy consumption.

Water efficiency is prioritized, with a potable water supply to avoid groundwater abstraction. Water-efficient appliances and a hydropneumatic system further reduce water consumption by 50 percent. Additionally, recycled water is used for irrigation, showcasing the resort's commitment to responsible construction and operations.

Local Community

Aligned with Soori's vision of integrating community, conservation, and commerce, Soori Bali actively involves the local community in its initiatives. During construction and ongoing operations, the majority of the resort's staff is hired locally, contributing to the island's economy. The resort prioritizes sourcing 85 percent or more of its ingredients, goods, and services from local establishments, supporting nearby markets and artisans.

Soori Bali is committed to social sustainability by providing English classes at the local elementary school and participating in a joint scholarship program with Mapindo, a foundation training local hospitality professionals. The resort also supports the Solemen Indonesia Foundation, focusing on health, safety education, and environmental respect. Additionally, the resort's design respects the unique location in the Tabanan Regency, preserving rice paddy fields and creating foot access for local farmers. The resort also honors local religious customs by granting permanent beach access for religious processions and festivals. Soori Bali exemplifies a holistic approach to sustainability that extends beyond environmental considerations to positively impact the local community.

Preserve and value the local dancers and musicians of Kelating

To preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Bali and cultivate a centuries-old art, the Balinese Legong Art, Soori Bali hosts on site a fully funded indigenous school for young children: The Little Dancers and Little Musicians of Kelating.

Provided with rehearsal spaces and costumes, the young children, as young as 5 years old from Kelating practice several times per week and offer weekly performances in front of the guests.

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