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Are llora products made of real crocodile leather?

Llora exclusively utilizes authentic crocodile leather in all our products, each accompanied by the CITES permit to ensure legal compliance and sustainable sourcing.

What kind of crocodile skin leather is used for llora handbags?

  • Niloticus - Farmed in Australia and Zimbabwe

  • Alligator - Farmed in USA

  • Porosus - Farmed in Australia & Papua, Indonesia

Where can I purchase llora handbags?

You may click here find a store to find our store locations.

Why can’t I find an item on the website?

Each llora store offers a unique collection. With our website and stores constantly being updated, we encourage you to chat with us to check on the availability of the item.

Our customer service representative can assist you with the product you are looking for.

How do I care for my llora handbag?

You may click here care to find out more.

Who to contact for repair and servicing?

You may send your llora product to our flagship store in Singapore, where our trained sales consultants will be able to assist you further on the repair. All items will be sent to our Singapore headquarters to be assessed by the artisans before providing the exact time frame for the repair or restoration.

Our customer service representative can assist you with more information. Please chat with us or email us at

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